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13 May 2009 @ 07:08 pm
Nine weeks of school left.  
thank god thank god thank god thank god.
My history teacher is such a tit, he really is. He had us spend the whole double lesson "planning" a history trip we'd like to go on.
Basically my entire class spent the lesson planning a class holiday, and then bitched us out, when we'd actually planned a trip to Chicago that was ~educational. As in visiting a few museums and then having some down time. Whatever, it's not like I even like any of them anyway. And out teacher was just like OMG!!!111 I CAN GET UR GIFTED AND TALENTED MONEY AND FUND IT!!!111 OMG!!!111
Actually, no you can't because there's no way they're gonna pay out £800 per kid, plus enough money for three chaperons. Neither will our parents.
I would like to go to Chicago though. You know...

And then of course there was drama at lunch time, and my day got ruined because I shouted at someone for saying some really out of order things to a friend of mine.
I was trying so hard to be nice.
Way to go and ruin my day ffs.

It's so fine though. I have keyboard tomorrow, and then I leave early Friday to get my braces tightened.